Intel Core i9-10900K Review

The AMD Ryzen 4000 series is upon us. Therefore, we really do not understand this processor in the fact that it’s a high-end platform but falls behind when it comes to role performance. Also, it does not support PCle 4.0, which really doesn’t make sense.

Intel Core i9 In-depth

For the longest time, Intel has been the leader in desktop CPU. However, lately it’s been doing very badly. In fact, it’s losing in terms of performance and it’s also dropping market share.

Perhaps, Intel hoped that the core I9 – 10900K would make us believers one more time. In order to up its game, Intel decided to put two cores in this flagship processor like casino clic. That means there’s a total of 10 cores, as well as 20 threads. In addition, there are boost clocks that go up to a maximum of 5.3 gigahertz across the two cores. With so much power, this processor should be able to hold its own.

However, this flagship processor still loses when compared to the 3900X, as well as the 9900K when it comes to raw gaming performance. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this processor is lost in the market.

Price and availability

This processor is already on the market, and is going for a total price of $488. However, as you might already know when it comes to Intel pricing, this is only a suggestion price for retailers. That means if you’re planning to preorder this processor, you can expect to get it at a much higher price than that. As a result, we strongly suggest that you know how much the chip really costs before you can order it at this suggested price.

Another thing to note is the fact that the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is retailing at a price of $409. This means that it’s so much cheaper than the Intel Core i9-10900K.

The other thing that you should really be aware of is the fact that if you want to buy this processor, it means that you’ll have to buy a new motherboard as well. This is because this new processor doesn’t fit in old motherboards. For that reason, it is much more expensive than the other processors on the market.

Features and chipset

This processor is based on the 14nm Skylake architecture. When it comes to speed, this processor is very fast. In fact, the Turbo Boost speeds have significantly gone up. There is the Intel Thermal Velocity Boost technology, which is what enables the high boost clock speeds. This technology was introduced to the market with the Core i9-9900K. The great thing about this technology is the fact that when it senses that there is thermal headroom, it will boost the CP above the normal turbo boost value.

We really loved the fact that this processor has incredibly high clock speeds, which definitely means higher performance.

Intel has said that this processor is perfect for gaming. However, we are not too sure about this. That means you might just want to consider that before you buy it for gaming.

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