Best Free PC Games to Play Right Now

We realize the need for gaming out there. For that reason, we’ve gathered a few games that definitely guarantee you hours of free entertainment.

With so much going on in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, we realize the need for people to escape the stresses of their daily lives. At the same time, people do not want to part with any of their hard-earned money in order to have a good time.

You will find that on this list, we have games that are perfect for you and your family, and can also be enjoyed with friends. Another exciting thing is the fact that they come in so many genres for, which means that there’s always something for everyone.

Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark online is a multiplayer game that will give you an immersive gaming experience. This extensive game also allows you to role-play play. There is a good reason why this game is one of the most anticipated games to ever come out of South Korea. The graphics on this game are super amazing and the action will leave you at the edge of your seat. You will really love how the world in this game is so detailed, which makes going on quests a pleasurable experience.

Fortnite Battle Royale

This online video game is quite huge right now. Developers of this game were quite surprised by how much this game blew up when it was released, becoming one of the best free PC games in 2020.

The storyline of this game is really interesting as well. Apparently, you get dropped in a map, together with 99 other players. You will then have to fight different obstacles and hurdles along the way. The last player who is left standing at the end of the game is the one who wins. You will get to play with some new game modes, as well as some fresh new features. Another really great thing is the fact that you can play this with your family and friends, no matter the platform that they are using. That means you could be playing on PC against someone who is on Xbox One.

Dota 2

This is also one of the best free games this year. This is because it features to tournaments, which is really awesome for hardcore video gamers. When you open the game, you will find a tutorial which will show you how to play the game. You also have the chance to get guides from the Steam Community. The gameplay mechanics of Dota 2 is complex, and this is what makes it even more exciting.

Planetside 2

As you play this game, you will get to see some in-game purchases that come naturally. However, this doesn’t stop you from having the fun of your life. You get to start playing the game with starter equipment, which you can upgrade as you go along. As you play in the battlefield, you get to meet a lot of obstacles, which are challenging, but thrilling. You also have to assault your your enemy, which is very exciting.

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